Perth Amboy Employment Lawyer

As an employee in Perth Amboy, NJ, you have a variety of rights that are protected under federal law and state law. What’s more, when these rights are breached, you have the right to bring forth a claim and seek remedy for any harm you have suffered. At the office of the Sattiraju Law Firm, our Perth Amboy employment lawyer can help. As you navigate the claims process, call our law firm for the support and guidance you need.

Types of Employment Cases We Take On

Our law firm works on a variety of employment case types, including:

  • Discrimination can take many shapes and forms in the workplace, but is illegal when someone is treated differently based on a protected characteristic (such as race, gender, pregnancy, etc.) or when they are a victim of harassment to the point that a hostile work environment is created.
  • Unpaid wages and overtime. The minimum wage in NJ is higher than the federal minimum wage–it’s $10/hour. All workers must be paid at least the minimum wage, and must also be paid overtime pay (at a rate at 1.5 times their regular wage) if they work over 40 hours in a given seven-day period. If you have an unpaid wage or overtime claim, our law firm can help.
  • Retaliation and whistleblower claims. It is important that you report illegal or unsafe activities in the workplace, and that you aren’t retaliated against for doing so. What’s more, you have certain protected rights, such as the right to file a workers’ compensation claim or a discrimination claim. Under the law, you cannot be retaliated against for exercising these rights.
  • Employee misclassification. There are a number of reasons why an employer may misclassify an employee; usually, it’s to save money. If you are actually an employee who has been misclassified as a contractor, we can help.

Who We Represent

Our law firm represents employees engaged in high-level employment matters and class actions; employees who have been misclassified, especially truck drivers; and employees who have been retaliated against for filing whistleblower claims. If you believe that your rights as an employee have been violated, we want to talk to you.

Stand Up For Your Rights As an Employee

If your rights have been breached, you have the right to seek remedy for harm you’ve suffered, ranging from lost wages to out-of-pocket costs incurred related to a job search to reinstatement to your original position and more. Call our law firm and we will guide you through the potential remedies available and assist you in building an effective claim.

Call A Perth Amboy Employment Lawyer Today

Our New Jersey employment lawyers are extremely experienced and have a reputation of success, including a recent $22.6 million hostile work environment trial. If you have an employment law matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us for the representation you need and deserve. Reach us not by phone or online for a free consultation.