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Whistleblower Cases In New Jersey & New York

Whistleblower In the world of employment law, a whistleblower is an individual, often an employee of a company, who exposes the company’s violations of civil or safety regulations. Whistleblowers often face backlash from their employers, deterring future whistleblowers from exposing further wrongs. But whistleblowers play a crucial role in upholding health, safety, anti-discrimination, and civil laws.

If you have been part of a whistleblower investigation against your company or cooperated with one in any way, you could find yourself facing discrimination from your employer. If this is the case, you need to work with an experienced New Jersey whistleblower attorney to assert your rights. You have the right to act as a whistleblower without being terminated, harassed, or otherwise facing illegal disciplinary action from your employer.

We Can Determine if you Have a Claim and if So, Help you Pursue It

Whistleblowers’ rights are protected by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s (OSHA) Whistleblower Protection Programs. These programs uphold more than 20 laws that were enacted to protect whistleblowers in various injuries from retaliation from their employers.

Just because you were let go following your participation in an investigation does not necessarily mean you were fired in retaliation. By going through the evidence you provide about your case, we can determine whether an illegal act actually occurred and if so, walk you through the next steps in filing a retaliation claim against your employer.

New Jersey Whistleblower Defense Lawyer, The Sattiraju Law FirmWhistleblowers Protect American Workers

Whistleblowers provide a critical checkpoint in the American workforce. Without whistleblowers’ efforts, entire industries would continue to mistreat workers and put the public in danger. A famous example is Sherron Watkins, the Enron whistleblower.

At Sattiraju Law Firm, P.C., we care about American workers and their rights. You have more than just the right to expose your company’s wrongdoings – you have the obligation to your colleagues and the public to share your inside knowledge of these transgressions. Let us fight for your right by representing your retaliation claim.

Whistleblower Lawyer in New Jersey & New York

The Sattiraju Law Firm, P.C., is proud to uphold a record of successfully fighting for wrongfully terminated whistleblowers. Do not allow your career to be curtailed because you chose to stand up for your right to expose workplace violations. Let our team of experienced New Jersey whistleblower attorneys support you and provide you with quality legal advice. We are one of the premier employment law firms in New York and New Jersey, with a record that includes a $560,000 settlement for a New Jersey whistleblower case.

Common Questions About Whistleblowing in New Jersey

If I make a Facebook post about my boss breaking the law, will I be protected from retaliation?

Probably not. New Jersey has passed the Conscientious Employee Protection Act, which can be found at NJSA 34:19-1 et seq. This law protects employees who blow the whistle on an employer but only in certain situations. For example, you are protected if you provide information to a public body, such as a governmental agency. However, posting something on Facebook or other social media is not protected by the statute.

Do I have to tell my supervisor first if I want to report safety violations?

Yes. New Jersey’s Whistleblower Act protects against retaliation when an employee discloses information about violations of the law to a public body. However, the act also states you are not protected from retaliation if you did not first provide written notice to a supervisor. This requirement exists to give your employer a chance to investigate and fix any problems.

There are some exceptions to the notification requirement. For example, you might reasonably believe that a supervisor is aware of the illegal activity already, or an emergency can exist where there is no time to waste. Talk about your situation with a New Jersey employment lawyer to check.