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In many instances, employees are offered severance packages as part of the separation of their employment. A severance package is the salary and benefits that the employer opts to pay to the employee following his or her termination. They are usually contingent on the employee releasing any legal claims he or she may have against the company.

Severance packages are often heavily weighted in the company’s favor. For example, an agreement might require the employee to waive his or her right to file a discrimination or wrongful termination claim against the employer. An agreement may also limit an employee’s ability to obtain subsequent employment. Before you sign a severance agreement, you need to review its terms with an experience severance review attorney to determine exactly what you are giving up in exchange for continuing salary and benefits after your termination.

In addition, we are often able to obtain greater compensation beyond what the employer initially offers our clients.

We Help Our Clients Get Fair Severance Packages

If you are offered a severance package as part of your termination, you should not sign it until you have reviewed it with an experienced employment attorney. When we review your severance agreement, we look for issues, including but not limited to:New Jersey worker leaving workplace

  • Are you waiving the right to file any type of discrimination claim? This is important if you suspect you are being terminated for an illegal reason, such as for taking time off from work guaranteed by the Family and Medical Leave Act.
  • How long will your salary and benefits continue after your termination?
  • Is the company waiving its right to contest your application for unemployment compensation?

If we determine that one or more of the claims included in your severance agreement are a violation of your rights or otherwise unfair, we can renegotiate the terms of your separation package. Let us help you get a fair severance package for the hard work you put into your time with your employer.

We Believe in Protecting your Rights

In our world of high unemployment levels, you might feel compelled to simply take what your company offers you out of fear of losing the offer or becoming unemployable. You have value and you have the right to advocate for your own interests when negotiating a severance package with your company. At the Sattiraju Law Firm, employees’ rights are our top priority.

Severance Review Lawyers in New Jersey

The Princeton, New Jersey severance review attorneys at Sattiraju Law Firm, P.C., have an outstanding record of negotiating fair severance packages for their clients. As one of the premier employment law firms in New Jersey and New York, we represent clients in high-level cases such as discrimination claims and whistleblower’s rights. We have a strong record of success and will provide your case with the same level of dedication and passion that has resulted in multiple six-figure settlements.