New Jersey Worker Misclassification Law & Infographic

Worker classification disputes are common in the state of New Jersey. These disputes can not only have a large effect on things such as a worker’s and an employer’s taxes, but also an employee’s rights to benefits, including workers’ compensation insurance, as well as overtime pay, liability, and more. If you are involved in an employment classification dispute, the attorneys at the Sattiraju Law Firm, P.C.—one of the premier employment law firms in New Jersey—can represent you.

Am I an Independent Contractor or an Employee?

New Jersey Employment Classification Lawyer, The Sattiraju Law FirmKnowing whether you are a self-employed independent contractor or an employee can be difficult. And in many cases, your employer may wrongfully classify you as an independent contractor, even when you are technically employee, to avoid liability and the requirement to pay certain benefit types.

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