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Pharmaceutical companies often try to make monetary gains through the act of defrauding state or federal governments. Ranging from medical trial fraud to failure to report cases to contaminated pharmaceutical products and more, a scheme to defraud the government can have serious penalties.

If you work in a company – or otherwise have insider information about a company – that is committing fraud, you may bring forth a civil lawsuit under the False Claims Act. Typically known as whistleblowing, the False Claims Act, and the writ of qui tam, allows you to receive a portion of damages recoverable for your services. If you have information about a company that is committing fraud, meet with our experienced New Jersey qui tam and whistleblowing lawyer today.

The False Claims Act: What You Need to Know

The False Claims Act is a federal law that holds parties – usually federal contractors – liable when they defraud the government or governmental programs. Under the law, a liable party must pay a civil penalty ranging between $5,500 and $11,000 for each false claim, as well as three times the amount of damages suffered by the government. The New Jersey Legislature has also passed its own version of the False Claims Act, which mirrors the federal version in many of its provisions.New Jersey False Claims and Qui Tam Lawyer, The Sattiraju Law Firm

For example, there is a qui tam provision within both versions of the False Claims Act. This provision allows for two important actions:

  1. The qui tam provision allows for an ordinary, non-governmental citizen to file a lawsuit against a company/federal contractor on behalf of the government. This is known as a qui tam action.
  2. The qui tam provision allows for the “realtor” – the ordinary citizen filing the qui tam action – to recover a portion of the government’s damages for their participation in the civil case. The realtor may recover 15 to 25 percent of damages when the government intervenes in the case; when the government does not intervene, the reward is increased to between 25 to 30 percent. (In some cases, recovery is capped at 10 percent).

Legal Representation During a New Jersey Qui Tam Action for Pharmaceutical Violations

If you have valuable information about fraudulent actions committed by a pharmaceutical company against the government and are ready to blow the whistle, so to speak, it is important that you seek the assistance of an experienced New Jersey qui tam attorney. Not only will your attorney assist you in filing your action and understanding your rights under the False Claims Act and the qui tam provision, but your lawyer will also assist you in gathering the evidence you need to pursue an effective case. Your attorney will also protect you against retaliation from your employer in response to your whistleblowing activities.

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