New Jersey Employment Contracts Lawyer

One of the most important documents that you will ever sign is your employee contract. Unfortunately, your employee contract may include stipulations that are not in your best interest—and which may even be illegal—and may be breached by your employer. When either of the above occurs, you have the right to seek legal counsel from a New Jersey employment contracts attorney.

What Does an Employment Contracts Attorney Do?

An employment contract is a legally binding agreement that is entered into by the employee and the employer prior to work being started. An employment contract addresses multiple employee issues, and can include provisions addressing:

  • Compensation;New Jersey Employment Contracts Lawyer, The Sattiraju Law Firm
  • Benefits;
  • Probation;
  • Equity arrangements;
  • Non-compete clauses;
  • Non-solicitation;
  • Preservation of trade secrets; and
  • Length of contract.

The above list is not inclusive; the information that your employee contract contains will be unique to your job. View an example employment contract provided here for a look at a standard employee agreement.

An employment contract attorney is responsible for making sure that an employee contract is legal, protects the employee’s best interests, and is upheld. If your contract is breached, if there is a provision in your contract that is against the state or federal labor laws, or if a dispute arises, an employment contract attorney is responsible for advocating on your behalf.

An employment contract attorney can also review a contract on your behalf before you sign it, as well as help you to negotiate for provisions in your employment contract, severance packages, and more.

Who We Represent

At The Sattiraju Law Firm, P.C., we represent employees in high-level employment contract matters. We represent all employee types, including truck drivers, food services workers, construction workers, business services, civil servants, and more. Our law firm is highly effective at settling employment contract disputes out of court but is also highly skilled during litigation as well.

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