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Workers in New Jersey may be classified and paid in a variety of different ways. Some people will be classified as hourly employees who are subject to wage and hour requirements; others may be classified as contractors; and yet others may be considered ‘exempt’ employees. For the most part, though, employees have a right to be the wages that they are entitled to under the law. When employees are not paid minimum wage, are not paid for hours worked overtime, or are otherwise misclassified, they may have a cause of action to bring forth a wage and hour claim. At the office of the Sattiraju Law Firm, our New Brunswick unpaid wages and overtime lawyer can provide aggressive representation if you believe you haven’t been paid what you’re owed. Call us today to learn more.

Minimum Wage Requirements For New Brunswick Workers

Effective January 1, 2020, the minimum wage in New Jersey is $11 per hour for most workers, which is nearly $4 more than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Employers in New Brunswick must adhere to the state’s minimum wage requirement. There are some exceptions to this. For example, agricultural employers, seasonal employers, and small employers must only pay workers a minimum wage of $10.30 per hour. Additionally, the cash wage for tipped workers is only a minimum of $3.13 per hour; however, the cash wages plus tips must equal at least the minimum wage of $11/hour.

Overtime Wage Requirements in New Jersey

In addition to minimum wage requirements that must be adhered to, the state also maintains overtime wage requirements. As found in NJ State Wage and Hour Laws and Regulations Section 12:56-6.1, for any time worked over 40 hours in a given seven-day period, every employer must pay a rate of wages that is equal to 1.5 times the employee’s regular wage, commonly known as time and a half. For example, if an employee normally works 40 hours a week at a rate of $11/hour and one week works 50 hours, then those additional 10 hours over 40 must be compensated at 10 x $11 x 1.5, or $165.

Learn More About Your Rights

If you are an employee in New Brunswick, you may not be certain of your rights, let alone what to do if you believe that you are entitled to more money in wages than you are being paid by your employer. If you believe that your employer has denied you wages in breach of the state’s wage and hour laws, it’s important to consult with an experienced employment law attorney as soon as possible At the office of the Sattiraju Law Firm, PC, our employment law attorneys can advise you of your rights, help you to file a complaint, gather evidence on your behalf, and advocate for your right to remedy.

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