Protecting Employee Rights in Morristown, NJ

Employees are the backbone of the Morristown, New Jersey economy, as they are in other cities and towns across the State. However, not all employees are treated fairly, and some of them suffer discrimination, retaliation, and harassment. If you have a dispute with your employer, realize that many state and federal laws protect you.

At Sattiraju & Tharney, LLP, our team has helped many workers hold their employers accountable when they violate the law. Please contact one of our Morristown, New Jersey employment lawyers for more information about your legal rights.

Our Practice Areas

Our lawyers help employees with a variety of disputes, including:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Workplace harassment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Disability, pregnancy or nursing mother accommodation claims
  • Unequal pay claims
  • Retaliation claims for reporting or objecting to discrimination
  • Retaliation claims for seeking workers’ compensation benefits or other rights
  • Whistleblower claims
  • Employee misclassification
  • Unpaid wages & overtime
  • Breach of contract
  • Severance review

You can be sure that your employer has a large legal team protecting it rights. You need a committed advocate in your corner to guide you through the legal dispute, so reach out to a Morristown, New Jersey employment lawyer for a case review.

How We Help Clients

Many administrative tribunals are set up so that employees can represent themselves, but this is a serious mistake. Our employment lawyers provide many valuable services for our clients.

For example, we can collect evidence in support of your claim. If you were discriminated against, then you can bolster your case with eyewitness testimony, emails, and other documents. Our lawyers can force employers to preserve relevant evidence which they might be tempted to delete.

We can also draft and file complaints in the appropriate legal forum. Many crisscrossing local, state, and federal laws apply to different legal disputes, and navigating this maze is complicated. For example, victims of workplace discrimination have the choice of filing a complaint with the State agency, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or, many times, directly with a court. We will use our knowledge to our clients’ advantage.

Our employment lawyers in Morristown, New Jersey can also protect your reputation. Many high-level employees depend on a spotless reputation as their calling card. Employee disputes can be embarrassing and damaging, but there are ways to minimize the fallout.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

The lawyers at Sattiraju & Tharney, LLP have secured many favorable settlements and jury verdicts on behalf of our clients. We have received media coverage for a $2.8 million class action settlement for truck drivers who were misclassified, as well as a large jury verdict in a whistleblower trial. Other impressive results include a $22.6 million hostile work environment verdict and a $1.4 million class action settlement.

Every case begins with understanding the law and the evidence as currently known. The law often favors employers, who take full advantage of their unfair position. We encourage workers to level the playing field by hiring a seasoned employment attorney.

Contact a Morristown, New Jersey Employment Attorney Today

Many employees are afraid to speak up, even as their employers trample their rights. Fortunately, we have taken on some of the most powerful employers in the State, and we will do everything possible to advance your claim. If you would like to discuss your case in a confidential setting, contact Sattiraju & Tharney, LLP today.