Wall Township and Monmouth County Racial Discrimination Attorney

Racial discrimination in the workplace is federally prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Additionally, the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) prohibits race-based workplace discrimination in New Jersey workplaces. Despite these laws’ existence, racial discrimination happens in workplaces across the Garden State and across the nation every day.

If you feel you have faced racial discrimination at work, you have the right to speak up about your experience and pursue financial compensation for your related losses. Do not sit back quietly about the discrimination you face or witness in the workplace – taking action can lead to justice for your situation and fairer treatment for all other employees in your workplace.

Examples Of Racial Discrimination In The Workplace

Racial discrimination takes many forms. Sometimes, it is annoying, seemingly harmless jokes and nicknames and in other cases, it is the systemic denial of certain employees’ rights at work. Even in seemingly minor cases, discrimination hurts victims and causes them to lose money by missing workdays and losing productivity.

A few specific examples of racial discrimination at work include:

  • Refusing to hire or promote an employee based on his or her race;
  • Excluding an employee from professional development opportunities because of his or her race;
  • Segregating employees into different departments, roles, or branches of a company based on their race; and
  • Using derogatory language and racial slurs in the workplace.

What To Do When You Face Racial Discrimination At Work

Document every incident where you feel you have faced racial discrimination and keep a record of all the evidence you gather. This is the evidence you will use to support your discrimination claim if you choose to file one. Before taking this action, though, discuss your experience with your employer’s Human Resources department. Your company might be able to resolve the issue internally. If not, discuss your case and the process of filing a claim with an experienced employment lawyer.

The New Jersey Division on Civil Rights (DCR) handles all workplace discrimination claims that invoke state law, whereas the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) handles those that invoke federal law. Because racial discrimination violates both state and federal law, you may file your claim with either agency. Your lawyer will advise you on where and how to file your claim.

After you file your claim, the agency handling the case will investigate it. Following the investigation, the agency may facilitate a settlement between you and your employer or file a lawsuit to have the court rule on your case.

Work With An Experienced Wall Township Racial Discrimination Attorney

When racial discrimination happens in the workplace, the direct target is not the only person who suffers. In a hostile work environment, everybody experiences a drop in productivity and reduced morale, which lead to higher stress levels and in many cases, financial losses. Learn how you can take action to rectify the issues you face at work by discussing them with an experienced Monmouth County racial discrimination attorney. Contact Sattiraju Law Firm, PC today to set up your free legal consultation with us.