Misclassified Real Estate Agent Webinar

Has Your Real Estate Agency Been Making Illegal Deductions From Your Commissions?

If you sold a house in the past six years as a real estate agent, it’s likely the agency you work for has illegally deducted fees from your commission check.

Join New Jersey Employment Lawyer Ravi Sattiraju on May 24, 2020 at 3:30 PM Eastern for a FREE 1-hour Facebook Live event and Q&A session to find out if you’ve been affected and the potential options you have for recovering those illegal deductions.

Specific things we will discuss include:

  • The specific signs that indicate illegal deductions have been made.
  • Ways real estate agencies reduce their costs by misclassifying their agents
  • What the New Jersey Wage Payment Law says about real estate agents

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    Don't let your real estate agency steal your commission