Protecting Employee Rights in Elizabeth, NJ

You work hard. And you deserve to be treated fairly under the law. Fortunately, workers in Elizabeth, New Jersey are protected by many federal and state employment laws that prohibit discrimination, protect whistleblowers, and require that employers pay overtime and a fair minimum wage.

Unfortunately, not every employer can be counted on to follow the rules. Some don’t keep up with all the changes coming out of Trenton, while others deliberately break the law with no expectation of getting caught. Employees have rights, but they need a committed advocate by their side to stand up when employers trample on them. That is why Sattiraju & Tharney, LLP represents employees like you.

Cases We Handle

Our lawyers have ample experience in all varieties of employment law claims. We can represent those who have a dispute involving:

These are only some of the more common areas. If you have a dispute with an employer, contact one of our lawyers today to review your case.

Results that Matter

Our firm has obtained favorable results for many of our clients, helping them recover lost income and benefits as well as other compensatory damages. We have been a leader in this field of law, obtaining large jury verdicts:

  • Successful resolution of a $22.6 million hostile work environment case
  • $2.8 million class action settlement for truck drivers
  • Whistleblower trial in New Jersey that resulted in over $500,000 for our client

Our success begins by understanding the relevant law that intersects any claim. We also leave no stone unturned as we gather evidence that proves our clients have been victimized in the workplace. Employment disputes are unlike other cases because the field is so tilted in favor of employers, who have complete control over most of the most relevant evidence. Our team understands how to build cases for compensation that a judge or jury will find convincing.

Untangling the Legal Web

Employment law involves local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Often, there are multiple laws in play, but an employee needs to use the one that is most advantageous. An employer will definitely seek any advantage he or she can, even petitioning to move cases out of one court and into another. Employees who represent themselves often become overwhelmed.

At Sattiraju & Tharney, LLP, our counsel can decide on the best course of action to vindicate our clients’ rights. This sometimes means filing a case in a federal forum or choosing the state forum instead. Each has different rules that an employee must follow, and we are well-versed in each. Different remedies are available in each, which is also a consideration.

Elizabeth, New Jersey Employment Lawyers

We can discuss your legal dispute and analyze whether you have a legitimate employment claim. This is not always easy to discern, but we have cut our teeth taking some of the most complicated employment law cases in New Jersey.

Contact us today.