Edison Sexual Harassment Attorney

Edison Sexual Harassment Attorney

Sexual harassment occurs in workplaces across the nation every day. Any individual of any gender or job title can face sexual harassment at work. Sexual harassment can come from a supervisor, a same-level colleague, a vendor, or even a client. When sexual harassment occurs, it is the employer’s duty to protect the employee from its harm.

Sexual Harassment Defined

Sexual harassment comes in two forms. They are:

  • Hostile work environment sexual harassment; and
  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment.

A hostile work environment due to sexual harassment is one where crude sexual language, inappropriate touching, the use of sexually charged nicknames, or sexually explicit images and videos are commonplace. One hallmark of this type of environment is that over time, the harassment becomes such a regular part of the workday that it is overlooked and accepted.

Quid pro quo sexual harassment is sexual harassment used to manipulate employees. In this type of work environment, certain perks like raises, promotions, and flexible schedules are offered in exchange for compliance with a supervisor’s requests for sexual contact. In some scenarios, compliance with these requests is a condition of employment.

How Sexual Harassment can Hurt your Career

There are many different ways sexual harassment at work can hurt your career. These include:

  • Increasing your stress levels, which can put you at greater risk of facing health problems;
  • Causing you to lose wages due to spending time out of work; and
  • Preventing your career from progressing because you miss advancement opportunities and fall behind on job tasks because of the harassment.

Through a sexual harassment claim, you can pursue financial compensation for these losses.

Pursuing Compensation for your Sexual Harassment Damages

If you feel your career was negatively impacted by the sexual harassment you faced, you can pursue compensation for your losses through a sexual harassment claim. Before filing a claim, though, discuss your experience with your supervisor and your employer’s Human Resources department to determine if the company can resolve the problem internally.

If your employer cannot rectify the situation internally, you can file a sexual harassment claim with the New Jersey Commission on Civil Rights. This state-level agency works with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to investigate workplace rights violation claims in New Jersey.

When you file a sexual harassment claim, the agency with which you file it will investigate the case to determine if sexual harassment occurred and if so, the extent to which you suffered damages. It may then facilitate a settlement between you and your employer to cover your damages or file a discrimination lawsuit to have the court rule on your case.

Work with an Experienced New Jersey Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment in the workplace is never acceptable. If you are facing damages because of the sexual harassment you faced at work, work with an experienced employment lawyer to pursue the compensation you deserve. Our team at The Sattiraju Law Firm, P.C. is one of New Jersey and New York’s premier employment law firms, with a record of securing tens of millions of dollars for employees like you who have suffered harassment-related damages. Contact our office today to set up your initial legal consultation.