New Jersey Employment Law

Maternity & Paternity Leave

Ravi SattirajuNovember 12, 2018
Maternity & Paternity Leave, The Sattiraju Law Firm

Mothers and fathers often find that they need time away from work after the arrival of a newborn. For decades, parents in the United States had no legal rights to…

Brett Kavanaugh Case Study

Ravi SattirajuNovember 5, 2018
Brett Kavanaugh Case Study, The Sattiraju Law Firm

Supreme Court appointments are often contentious, and the recent appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the nation’s highest court was no exception. In October 2018, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard dramatic…

Danger on New Jersey Turnpike

Ravi SattirajuOctober 29, 2018
Danger on New Jersey Turnpike, The Sattiraju Law Firm

Truck drivers face many challenges, and perhaps none is more challenging than the New Jersey Turnpike. Long regarded as one of the most dangerous highways in the country, the New…

Negotiating a Pay Raise

Ravi SattirajuOctober 15, 2018
Negotiating a Pay Raise, Sattiraju Law Firm

Few employees are paid what they think they are worth, and the only thing to do if you want more money is to negotiate a pay raise. Not everyone feels…