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Unpaid Tips in New Jersey

By Ravi Sattiraju on January 7, 2019

New Jersey, like other states, has a minimum wage. But it also recognizes that tipped employees are different from other employees. Wait staff and other restaurant workers who receive tips…

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Discrimination Still Happens

By Ravi Sattiraju on December 31, 2018

No principle is more important in the United States than equality. Nevertheless, New Jersey workplaces are still riddled with discrimination. Only a few months ago, the news reported that New…

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Brett Kavanaugh Case Study

By Ravi Sattiraju on November 5, 2018

Supreme Court appointments are often contentious, and the recent appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the nation’s highest court was no exception. In October 2018, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard dramatic…

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