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Car Wash Employees Rights in New Jersey

By Sattiraju Law Firm on August 2, 2019

Car wash employees often work under terrible conditions. A recent report from a workers’ rights group in New York reported that many car wash employees are working under “illegal conditions.”…

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Distribution Center Employees: You Have Rights!

By Sattiraju Law Firm on July 26, 2019

Distribution centers are some of the hardest jobs to work. A story published in the Huffington Post identified some of the challenges—warehouses the size of 18 football fields which require…

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New Jersey’s Public Employees Should Know their Rights

By Sattiraju Law Firm on July 19, 2019

Public employees are central to any society. Teachers, firefighters, road workers, and law enforcement personnel provide vital public services in our communities. Although former Governor Chris Christie enjoyed railing against…

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Has a Real Estate Broker Made Improper Deductions?

By Sattiraju Law Firm on July 12, 2019

Misclassifying employees as independent contractors is a serious problem in New Jersey, and no group is perhaps more affected than real estate agents. Being misclassified carries serious problems for the…

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