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Can My Employer Force Me to Be Drug Tested?

By Sattiraju Law Firm on February 25, 2020

Drug testing is highly invasive and can easily be used in a discriminatory manner. However, drug testing employees is often legal in New Jersey. Unlike other states, New Jersey has…

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What Is Defamation of Character in New Jersey?

By Sattiraju Law Firm on February 18, 2020

A person’s reputation is often their most important asset. Without a good reputation, a person could struggle to find employment or grow their business. They might lose key business contacts…

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Can Verbal Employment Agreements Be Enforced?

By Sattiraju Law Firm on January 27, 2020

Sometimes employers make verbal promises to their employees, often to prevent them from leaving and working for a competitor. The promises can range from a promotion to a raise or…

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Remote Workers’ Rights in New Jersey

By Sattiraju Law Firm on January 13, 2020

Increasing numbers of workers are working remotely, often at home offices while their employer is hundreds of miles (or even further) away. Remote work opportunities allow employers to tap a…

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