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Working from Home in New Jersey

By Sattiraju Law Firm on June 23, 2020

Telecommuting is a popular option that has gone mainstream due to the recent coronavirus pandemic. Many companies are happy to hire remote workers because they gain access to a larger…

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The New Jersey WARN Act

By Sattiraju Law Firm on June 16, 2020

New Jersey’s employers must provide notice to their employees when they are about to make a mass layoff. Both the federal WARN Act and the New Jersey WARN Act are…

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Illegal Withholdings from Pay in New Jersey

By Sattiraju Law Firm on June 9, 2020

Having worked hard for their money, many employees are surprised to see deductions being made from their paycheck. While deductions for Social Security are legitimate, many employers try to shift…

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Healthcare Worker Rights in New Jersey

By Sattiraju Law Firm on May 12, 2020

Our state’s health care workers provide vital services to the community. They should receive fair treatment from their employers. However, hospitals and other employers in the medical sector will often…

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