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Federal vs. State Employment Laws

By Sattiraju Law Firm on April 7, 2020

The United States has a federal system of government. This means that both states and the federal government regulate many types of activity, including commercial activity. Often, there are two…

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Is Nepotism Legal in New Jersey?

By Sattiraju Law Firm on March 24, 2020

Nothing is worse than working hard at a job only to see the boss promote his child, niece, or nephew. The same is true of applying for your dream job,…

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Can My Employer Force Me to Be Drug Tested?

By Sattiraju Law Firm on February 25, 2020

Drug testing is highly invasive and can easily be used in a discriminatory manner. However, drug testing employees is often legal in New Jersey. Unlike other states, New Jersey has…

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What Is Defamation of Character in New Jersey?

By Sattiraju Law Firm on February 18, 2020

A person’s reputation is often their most important asset. Without a good reputation, a person could struggle to find employment or grow their business. They might lose key business contacts…

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